Let’s Deep Dive into All Things Legal

At Juris Lab, we open the door to a new way of getting legal & financial protection for your enterprise.  We not only find a solution for your legal & financial minefield but also advise on the best way forward to safeguard yourself from future unforeseen challenges.

Our team of consultants hail from varied backgrounds such as Chartered Accountancy, Legal, Company Secretaryship, Finance and Economics. The traditional legal & financial system can be quite exacting for anyone just setting out and this made us reinvent, reimagine and transform the way one viewed the Legal or Financial industry.

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Know the Founder

Having been around Lawyers, Accountants & Finance experts all throughout my adult life, I understood that the legal & finance world can seem daunting & overwhelming.   

So, I did the obvious

Juris Lab Process

A little insight into how we work.

Allow us to run you through the process of coming on board with us.   We adopt a two Phase Client On-boarding model: Phase I & Phase II

Our Services

Resident Welfare Associations Project

A thankless job made hassle-free

Freelancer's Protection Project

You Innovate | We Protect

Female Entrepreneur Ptoject

Your One Stop Solution

Workplace Harassment Project

Prevention | Prohibition | Redressal