The Juris Lab Process

Allow us to run you through the process of coming on board with us. We adopt a Two Phase Client On-boarding model

Phase I:

  1. Introduction Call
  2. Requirements Elicitation
  3. Orientation & Proposal
  4. Client Agreement & Guidelines
    • Payment – Schedule & Method
    • Communication – One point contact
    • Periodical virtual/physical meeting
  5. On-boarding Client

Phase II:

  1. Planning
  2. Setting Timelines
  3. Periodical Updates
  4. Deliverables
  5. Debriefing & Feedback

Know the Founder

Lochana Sudhakar

Founder & Director

            Hey There! My name is Lochana & I’m a Director at Juris Lab.   Having been around Lawyers, Accountants & Finance experts all throughout my adult life, I understood that the legal & finance world can seem daunting & overwhelming.   So, I did the obvious.   I created a place where one can break-down complex to mundane problems faced by enterprises or individuals in order to help them with the resources they need.   At Juris Lab, we don’t just find a solution for you; instead we ride the journey together.

            Hailing from a strong academic background, Lochana worked for 4 years with one of the Big 4s. In the year 2017, her quest for knowledge paved way for her to pursue further certifications at the prestigious London School of Economics, London, United Kingdom.

            Upon her return to India, she worked at several Start-ups, and it was during this time that she became acutely aware of the vast vacuum in the Legal and Financial Advisory industry. Despite being an essential and critical service, it is not available comprehensively at arm’s length. Juris Lab was founded with a clear objective of breaking the stereotypes in the professional world to make it simple and accessible.